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Our firm's lawyers have practiced trademark application preparation and prosecution since 1989. We approach trademark practice with care and a focus on quality, since it is better to file with a carefully crafted identification of goods, which can be supported with specimens in the future, than to try to "save" a rushed-together filing later. In addition, our technical focus on the computer industry means we have the knowledge to properly craft descriptions of goods and services for complex products that are appropriately broad and accurate.

We have argued the issues of descriptiveness and consumer confusion with success in many past cases, and have handled submissions of evidence of use and related declarations many times. This experience gives us a solid basis to advise on the likely outcome of a filing at the time a company is considering a mark. Advising on this basis can help reduce costs by steering filings toward marks that are likely to be successful.

We have a worldwide network of law firms and agents that can rapidly handle foreign filings. We concentrate our foreign filings with the same small core group of firms and agents to achieve cost-effective services and because we know these firms and agents are reliable, successful, have good judgment, provide good advice, and communicate clearly. Our practice is supported by a state-of-the-art commercial docketing system, subscriptions to major online search services, and committee activities and personal connections in the International Trademark Association, a major professional trade association.

The following is our general schedule of attorneys fees for trademark activities. These fees do not include USPTO fees, official fees of other government agencies, or cost disbursements for copies, faxes, and commercial databases.

Please contact us for information specific to any particular project.


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