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Hickman Palermo Becker Bingham LLP is a premier provider of high-quality intellectual property legal services in Silicon Valley. The firm's attorneys have earned a superior reputation for providing top-quality patent preparation, patent prosecution, trademark registration, copyright registration, licensing, and dispute counseling services.

Unlike many other IP firms, we are highly focused on computer-related technologies. Most attorneys in the firm hold undergraduate degrees in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering. Several have strong industry experience in technical positions. Others have served as in-house counsel in IP and other matters for technology companies. Still others have prior litigation experience.

Because of our focus on computer technology, the firm also maintains close familiarity with constantly changing procedures of the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) relating to examination of applications claiming software inventions and business methods. With this familiarity, our lawyers can guide you through the complicated and sometimes opaque environment that characterizes USPTO examination of these cases today.

Download our complete Firm Brochure (PDF)



Founded in 2000, the firm's offices span the 12th floor of a modern downtown San Jose office tower. Many of the firm's attorneys have worked together for nearly 10 years, and the firm boasts very low rates of attorney and client turnover.

The firm's lawyers are currently responsible for nearly 5,000 client matters. Annually the firm files 500+ US patent applications and obtains issuance of 150+ patents. We have a fully staffed foreign filing department and maintains close working relationships with patent and trademark attorneys, agents and firms around the globe. Our attorneys are actively involved in prosecuting patent and trademark applications in Europe, Japan, China, India, and other markets.

The firm's staff of secretaries, legal assistants, and paralegals have extensive experience dealing directly with peers within our client companies.

We are a highly automated firm accustomed to extensive and principal use of e-mail for client communications. We maintain an extensive case management database and can rapidly generate status reports to bring clarity and transparency to large portfolios.

We have conference facilities that can accommodate groups from 2 to 20 for the purpose of invention disclosures, idea harvesting and brainstorming, or portfolio reviews.