Unique ideas alone do not guarantee success. Instead, you need both efficiency and quality. We'll keep you on time and on budget. Yet if your patent isn't drafted thoughtfully, and carefully guided through examination, another company could infringe and you would have no recourse. Quality matters, and that's our focus--we strive to obtain allowance of not just any patent claims, but the best patent claims for your objectives. Whether drafting the original disclosure, crafting arguments to the government, or advocating in an examiner interview, we strive to be artisans.

Focused on Computer Technology

Our attorneys focus on IP protection for software, semiconductor technology, electronics, computer architecture, databases, Internet and Web technology, and related fields.

Representing Startups, Mid-caps, and the Fortune 500

Our clients include startups, early-stage ventures that have turned multiple rounds of financing and are shipping products, and Fortune 500 market leaders. We've worked through every stage of growth to IPO or acquisition. We manage budgets, structure portfolios, and support idea development.  We have decades of experience working with all kinds of engineers, innovators and in-house departments. Contact us today.